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  • Sarah Roberts

I witnessed evil today

Jan 12, 2020 Jason & I were riding the snowmobile near Boyne fall, MI. We were on a back road and saw a truck with its breaks on up ahead as we got closer we saw them throw a cat out the window. At first I thought it was trash until it got up and ran into the woods. We caught up to the truck hoping to get the plate number. We were unable to read it because of the snow but we did get a video of the truck.

After we got the video we went back to try and find the cat. We didn't see the cat so we followed his footprints in the snow to tried to locate the cat. We were unsuccessful at finding the cat. We then decided to call the police and animal control.

I spoke to animal control & sent them the video. They were going to see if there tech guy could try to Zoom in and get the plate number.

I posted this online with the video of the truck online and was hoping someone could identify the owner of the truck.

I was grateful for the over 600 people who shared it but quickly got some rude comments. Which was really sad. It took away from the real problem. Finding the person who did this and finding the cat. One lady wrote me and demanded I call 911. At that point i had already talked to the authorities so i ignored her.

I then saw that she wrote on her Facebook and a Facebook group that "we just drove by, didn't call the police or animal control". We were called Ass holes, idiots, clueless & useless. One lady even saying we might as well drove by an accident. All because some lady decided to make up her own story of what happened and posted it online. It really bothered me because i know what she was saying couldn't be farther from the truth.

I wanted so bad to write on there and tell her whats up. But i came to the conclusion that no matter what i say this lady is just going to make up her own untrue story of what happened. So i chose to ignore her ignorance and continue to do whatever i can to help this cat and catch the person who did this.

After this experiences it really got me thinking. How is it that we can do everything we can to help this cat and find the person who did it & be an "ass hole" for doing so.

I've realized its just pure ignorance and assumption. I'm not going to stop what i'm doing just because someone is ignorant to the facts of the story. It happens all to often with social media. People get judged everyday because others don't know or see the whole story play out. We only see the two seconds of the video or the one post.

I refuse to let this stop me. Be kind to humans and animals. Think before you speak. Know the facts before you judge.

I would like to do more to help abused animals find good homes. I'm working on ways that i can use this platform to do so. If you have any ideas or what to collaborate please email thesarahdaily@gmail.com

If you know who the truck belongs to please call the charlevoix county animal control.

p.s. Ignorant comments are not welcome on any of my pages. They will be deleted and you will be blocked.